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The last several months have held significant events for the Oquist family. In the year 2021, we mourned the loss of both of my parents and took great comfort in celebrating their lives. At the end of the year, our first grandchild, Oliver, was born, and I will never forget holding him for the first time. I often find myself doing the very things I used to make fun of other grandparents for doing!

The reality is the year 2021 made me realize even more the value of all generations, and has caused me to focus more clearly on my responsibilities as son, husband, father, and grandfather. Life continues to move forward, and I thank God my parents did an amazing job preparing the way for me and my children. I am now working to do the same for my children and grandchildren. Healthy families are perpetually preparing for the future—paying it forward if you will.

As a faith family, we are in a similar situation. Take a moment to think about the radical steps of faith the previous generations took to ensure Peoples Church would be the place we enjoy today. The humble beginnings in old chicken coops led to our current location, purchased at a time when there was nothing but fields all around. The sacrifice and forward-thinking it took to imagine the possibility of what could be is astounding. Those that came before us desired Peoples Church to be the best representation of Jesus Christ to their families and community. By doing so, not only were their generations provided for, but they also planned ahead for those they would never even meet this side of heaven. It’s in the very DNA of Peoples Church to always Pay It Forward!

In response to God’s prompting, we are entering a new growth phase to maximize our reach and effectiveness through facility improvements that will strategically position Peoples Church to serve the Fresno-Clovis area for decades to come. We are Paying It Forward by elevating our property so we can continue to create essential programs that engage people to see God and participate in His redemptive story. 

Let’s Pay It Forward today!


Dale Oquist

Lead Pastor

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The numerical savings we recoup by investing in Pay it Forward are significant! Every dollar contributed can save Peoples Church three dollars over the next 20 years (and more after that!) by lowering our energy bills and reducing interest by paying down our debt.

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