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Scripture promises, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” (Matthew 18:20). Praying it forward is the most important step we can take as a faith family, and I cannot wait to see how God moves in our midst. We’re asking each person to pray for 4 minutes a day over the next 40 days!


The prayer points and cards will be updated here each week so you can download them and share them with friends and family.


This week, let's pray that:
> God increases our faith
> Our priorities align with God's priorities
> We are courageous, even in the face of financial worry
> God would provide beyond what we could ask or imagine as we seek His kingdom first
> We meet our goals as individuals and as a faith family
> Those who have not participated yet will be prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray and give
> We overflow with gratitude for all God is going to do through us during this season

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This week, let's pray that:
> Our commitments stretch our faith
> We experience joy in the sacrifice
> Our generosity increases
> We recognize the blessings God will pour out on those who give
> We never underestimate what God can do through our finances once we lay them at his feet
> Our investment is multiplied and it's impact is seen throughout our valley, state, and nation for decades to come
> Future generations tell stories of how our generation gave cheerfully, faithfully, and generously

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This week, let's pray for:
> Our focus to be on the future God has for us
> God to continue going before us
> Our faith family to actively advance God's kingdom in our neighborhoods
> God to move mightily in our city
> God to use our vision to be an inspiration to other churches
> God's will to be done in our church, Fresno/Clovis, California and beyond
> Our future ministers and ministries to reach the next generations with unprecedented success

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This week, let's pray for:
> God to increase our faith
> Our hearts to be aligned to the will of God
> God to grace each of us with self-discipline
> Each of us to take our next step
> Our love for future generations to guide our decisions and actions
> God's power to be displayed through our faith family
> Every generation to be empowered to participate in Paying It Forward

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This week, let's pray for:
> Future generations to benefit from the seeds our faith family sows today
> A growing passion for those who don’t know Jesus in our communities and        areas of influence
> God to raise up the next generation of pastors and missionaries
> Increased faith in every area of our lives and faith family’s ministry
> People to see opportunities instead of obstacles
> God to equip each of us to take the next step in Paying It Forward
> Our hearts to care for our community, more than ever

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This week, let's ask God to:
> Align our hearts in the coming season
> Equip each of us to participate in the Pay It Forward vision
> Give us dreams and a clear vision for the future
> Empower every generation to actively engage
> Fill us with the courage to take steps of faith in the face of fear
> Guide each of us through specific directions
> Unite us as a faith family that seeks His will above all else

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