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Your July Pay It Forward update

Have you experienced God’s faithfulness time and time again? We have too. Whether He fulfilled a financial need, cured an illness, or pulled us out of a dark time, God’s favor is steadfast.

At Peoples Church, we believe in sharing the love He has shown us with our neighbors and communities. For decades, Peoples Church has impacted the lives of the Central Valley and worldwide. What a journey it has been! Since the day God called a small group of families to plant a new church in 1954, His faithfulness and our faith families’ relentless generosity to expand the Kingdom have grown into the influence we have today.

Now we find ourselves in the midst of a new calling as we Pay It Forward together. Our faith, pro

vision, and vision are setting the stage for the future of our faith family so that they may also see God and participate in His redemptive story.

September is coming up quickly and our next special offering for Pay It Forward is this weekend. Will you join us?

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